Motorcycle accidents are especially chaotic and destructive—with the power to change lives forever. You're likely dealing with severe injuries. Plus, with insurance companies calling constantly and medical bills piling up, we know you're already dealing with a lot.

Without legal representation from an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer, you could lose out on money you deserve. The legal process is full of confusing jargon and frustrating paperwork. On top of all that, insurance companies have teams of aggressive lawyers standing by to settle their cases for cheap.  It's easy to feel outnumbered. That's why we're here.

We respect motorcyclists, and we stand up for our clients. When you're overwhelmed with medical bills and lost wages, we work to get you the maximum amount of money you deserve for your motorcycle injury. We have over years of experience dealing with the tactics insurance companies' use to make you settle for cheap.

Our Salt Lake City, Utah motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced, professional, and tough enough to stand up to insurance companies that want you to settle for as little as possible. We're here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call us at (801) 869-6800 or contact the motorcycle accident personal injury attorneys at Utah Motorcycle Law and Lance , Bingham P.C. for a free case evaluation—we will address all of your concerns.  Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are based in Salt Lake City and handle motorcycle crash cases throughout the State of Utah.  Our attorney fees are contingent on obtaining a financial recovery, so you won't pay us a dollar unless we get money for you.